Spikes K9 Fund Box

Spikes K9 Fund Box


Boss Pro Puffs

Nala's Chicken Gizzard Dog Treats

Chicken Gizzards are high in protein and contain iron, minerals, and Vitamins C, E, and B. They contain glucosamine which can help with cartilage and arthritis issues. Limit Chicken Gizzards to no more than 20% of your dog’s diet because they also are high in cholesterol.


Ball w/Handle

Mobowl® Pet Bowl with Carrying Pouch


In stock

Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

Jigsaw Design E-MAT (Enrichment Licking Mat)

Molle Kong Ball Pouch

Poop Bag Grenade Dispenser


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On The Go!™ Energy Bars

Salmon & Carrot

Wild Caught Baltic Sprat Fish Treats

3 oz

Earn up to 104 Points.

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