New Recruits Bundle

New Recruits Bundle


Nala's Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Calm Sensitive Shampoo

16 oz.

Jigsaw Design E-MAT (Enrichment Licking Mat)

Chuckit Ultra Balls

Medium - 2 Count - (2.25" Diameter)

Small Bites Made With Organic Chicken Meaty Morsel Dog Treats

2.5 oz

Atlantic Silverside

In stock

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Attention, New Recruits! This Basic Training bundle includes 2 Chuckit Ultra Balls for fetch and play, Small Bites Organic Chicken Meaty Morsel Dog Treats and Nala’s Air Dried Sweet Potato Dog Treats for rewarding, plus some delicious wild-caught Atlantic Silverside for when your New Recruit really deserves some praise. This bundle also includes a bottle of Calm Sensitive Shampoo and a Jigsaw Design E-Mat for pampering and relaxing after playtime.

Every single treat in this bundle supports healthy cognitive growth in your new pup – lots of essential protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential for healthy development. Add on some super tough Chuckit Balls for some serious playtime, plus some extra luxury items to truly spoil your new furry friend, and this care package contains everything you need to master Basic Training and earn that Puppy Promotion!

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