Major Munchers Bundle

Major Munchers Bundle


Ball w/Handle

3 inch
Loop Handle

Molle Kong Ball Pouch

Nala's Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Thinkers Chicken Meat Stick Dog Treats


Thinkers Lamb Meat Stick Dog Treats


Thinkers Duck Meat Stick Dog Treats


Thinkers Salmon Meat Stick Dog Treats


Grain Free Dental Chews (12 Pack)

In stock

Boss Proballs - Beef

6 oz. Jar
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Is your Major Muncher turning into a major pain? Remind your dog that you are the one to decide what they chew on, with our Major Munchers bundle, expertly put together to keep your super chewer satisfied all day and night. This bundle includes a forever-chew Ray Allen Ball with a Handle for some tough tug-of-war (plus a Ray Allen storage pouch), rewarding post-playtime treats like Nala’s Air Dried Sweet Potato Treats (chewy, yummy, and healthy), and Boss Dog Pro Meatballs (infused with probiotics to help make your tough dogs poops not so tough). When it’s time for dinner, we’ve got your back – we included some seriously savory Chicken, Lamb, Duck, or Salmon options for your dog. It’s nice to break out the good stuff for your Major Muncher every once in a while… they are a Major after all! Finally, we threw in some Grain Free Dental Chews to clean your pup’s teeth and gums before bedtime, to get ready for another full day of chewing everything in sight!

All the food and treats in this bundle were specifically picked to give your super chewer the essential protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need to stay happy, healthy, and toothy for years to come!

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