Kinetic Puppy 28K

Kinetic Puppy 28K


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Kinetic Performance Puppy 28K Formula Dry Dog Food is specially formulated to support healthy and controlled growth for medium and large breed puppies. With 28% protein and 15% fat, this kibble provides sustainable energy for intense activity and growth with the optimum performance profile. Kinetic Performance Puppy 28K Formula has elevated levels of DHA to help your puppy’s heart stay healthy and to promote proper brain development. This nutrient-dense food gives him the energy he needs with less volume and no wasted ingredients, so you don’t have to feed as much to help him grow and develop strong, lean muscles.

Key Benefits

  • A 28% protein, 15% fat kibble that’s specifically formulated for medium to large breed puppies, and pregnant or lactating females. It’s fortified with vitamins and trace minerals making it 100% complete
  • Different proteins like chicken, menhaden fish, and eggs help to build lean, strong muscles, while L-carnitine helps to maintain a healthy weight. Omega fatty acids from menhaden fish, flaxseed, sunflower and fish oil aid in a healthy skin and a rugged, durable coat.
  • There’s no corn, wheat, or soy, so it’s a great option for pet parents concerned with obesity, allergies, or digestibility. Digestible fiber and prebiotic blend support good digestion.
  • Natural source of glucosamine helps to promote happy and healthy hips and joints while added DHA promotes heart health and brain development.
  • Made in the USA!
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