Inukshuk 26/16 Dog Food

Inukshuk 26/16 Dog Food


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High-energy dogs need a high-energy diet such as Inukshuk Professional Dry Dog Food 26/16. Chosen by canine professionals across North America, this formula provides high-level nutrition for stamina and performance. This diet is ideal for dogs between hunts, races or lactating or pregnant mothers. The excellent-quality ingredients offer superior digestibility and palatability, plus vitamins and chelated minerals to provide exceptional support—and, since this formula is so concentrated, it requires less feeding which reduces clean up and helps manage food related costs. Keep your dog active and healthy with a diet designed just for him.

Key Benefits

  • One of the highest energy formulas in the market today to provide nutrition for stamina and performance.
  • Ideal for dogs between hunts, races, or lactating or pregnant mothers to provide much needed support.
  • Concentrated formula requires less feeding which reduces clean up and helps to manage food related costs.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin contribute to joint health and mobility, and omega fatty acids promote cerebral development.
  • Chelated minerals and vitamins support good vision, hormonal balance and a healthy immune system.
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