Bring Your Own Treats Bundle

Bring Your Own Treats Bundle


10 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes Your Dog Will Love Ebook

Nala's Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Blue Radiopaque KONG


Atlantic Silverside

In stock

Alaskan Salmon Oil Recipe Kibble Topper

8 oz

Jigsaw Design E-MAT (Enrichment Licking Mat)

Boss Propaws™ Treat Tray (2 Pack)

In stock

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Treat yo’self and yo’dog! This BYOT (Bring Your Own Treats) Bundle comes loaded with wild-caught Atlantic Silverside, Nala’s Air Dried Sweet Potato Treats, an Alaskan Salmon Oil Kibble Topper (to give their dinner an extra oomph), a KONG rubber toy and 2 Boss Propaws™ Treat Trays to hide treats in, and a Jigsaw Design E-Mat for a calming treat licking experience.

Every single treat in this bundle supports happy, healthy functions in your dog- containing lots of essential protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential for optimal growth and development. Time to break out the good treats!

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