Georgia Police K9 Box For Paws Bundle

Georgia Police K9 Box For Paws Bundle

The Box For The Paws Bundle was personally built and constructed by the founders of The Georgia Police K9 Foundation. 5 % of the sales of this bundle go directly back to The Georgia Police K9 Foundation to help them protect and serve active and retired law enforcement k9s throughout Georgia by providing equipment, training, and care. To learn more about The Georgia Police K9 Foundation, please visit their website here.


Boss Tactical - Collars

Boss Tactical Tracking Leash (Nylon)

Molle Kong Ball Pouch

Ball w/Handle

Nala's Chicken Gizzard Dog Treats

Chicken Gizzards are high in protein and contain iron, minerals, and Vitamins C, E, and B. They contain glucosamine which can help with cartilage and arthritis issues. Limit Chicken Gizzards to no more than 20% of your dog’s diet because they also are high in cholesterol.


Wild Caught Baltic Sprat Fish Treats

On The Go

Mini Thinkers Grain Free Carrot, Turkey & Peanut Butter Meat Stick Dog Treats

On The Go

Yin-Yang Logo Patches


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