About Us

Hey my name is Ezra. I started the idea of Honest Pets in August of 2020 right after my dog Nala died. I rescued Nala after I was discharged from the Israeli Defense Forces in 2010. Nala was my savior. Nala had a very rough time with a vast majority of the brands of food and treats so I took to making all hear meals and treats. I found through research that a vast majority of brands use tons of fillers for their products and that most of the fillers were actually detrimental to the overall health of a pet. So naturally I stayed away from everything that fell into that category.

When creating this brand I had a certain goal in mind, the health, happiness, and safety of the pet. Every product that is added to the catalogue has that in mind. From the food to the training tools it all centers around that goal.

Recently I created my own line of single ingredient products in honor of Nala. Every item in that line is responsibly sourced from local farmers and all made right here in the USA.

I look forward to serving you and providing you and your pets the absolute best!

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